Blue Cone Studios is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and collaborating with local artists in a diverse variety of creative endeavors. Join us as we build our community and expand the scope of love and appreciation for the creative process.

We are in constant search for those with similar vibrations that we may come together in creative harmony.  The Blue Cone is a beacon, a bullhorn, a thinking cap and a warning “those who art here art love”.  We seek those of like minds, of light minds, those who grind, those who find.  We shine our light for the struggle and the success, for those seeking refuge from the dark mundanity of what is already and expected.



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Our Mission


To take the anxiety and fear out of creating, sharing and performing art.

We provide opportunities for honest creative expression that can be difficult to find in the art community. We provide a space for collaboration, experimentation and promotion for artists at every level.

Not having attended art school is not a reason to keep your work to yourself. We start where you are and provide the support you need to grow. Experience and experimentation is the key to evolving creatively. We support and push artists outside their comfort zone so they can truly thrive in a collaborative environment.

We have an open door policy. We are here for people that are down to do their thing and participate in a thriving community of creators.

To create a hub of creatives and promote them as business people or collaborators to a large audience.

We are a platform that supports a non-competitive environment for individuals to explore their creative expression regardless experience level. This includes free promotion and exposure to potential collaborators. Learn more about Sunday Night Sessions.

We provide promotion for artists at no cost through events, projects and organic marketing that facilitates their ongoing growth.

To provide solid support to creatives who want to explore.

We are looking to connect with anyone who is genuine at their core and ready to explore their creativity in an experimental atmosphere. Too often, creativity can be conditioned out of someone throughout their life and not supported as it should be.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to create beautiful work, and that for every piece of art there is an audience that will appreciate it. Our goal is to foster the creative growth of each individual so their work can be seen by those that will love it.


Get Involved

There are many ways of getting involved with us! Check out Events Calendar for upcoming events and workshops, our Current Projects to participate, or Support Us page for how you can help contribute to a growing revolution in art!


  • Vincent Michael Lopez
    Kale Danger
    Jeremy Cooper
    Megan Sarraf
    Carolyn Hitt
    Meagan Hall
    Annalise Olson
    Alexandrew Wong
    Stephanie Jamieson
    Natalie Dupille