Alexandrew Wong

Sculptor | Kiln Master


What is your primary medium?

My primary medium is clay. I did work with many other materials such as glass and steel also back in school. Which i miss so much.

What were your artistic highlights of 2017?

None really, I don’t think I had any.

What are your creative goals for 2018?

Creative goals for 2018 is to create just create. I did a bad job at that last year by not doing much and letting laziness take control but in 2018 it is time to change that. I want to create controversial and abstract sculptures. Ones that evoke emotion within people. Whether they be happy, sad, mad, jealous, or even hateful. Create sometime that is difficult to understand and show it to the world. I will scout around for galleries who’ll take me and have my debut.

Outside of Blue Cone, which local artist/group do you most want to collaborate with this year and how?

I want to check out clay residencies in the world. In April I’m going to Rome and there i’m going to visit Creta the clay studio there. I want to expand my knowledge and learn first hand on the art people are making out there.

Name 3 local artists/bands/groups (include website/IG url) that you think more people should know about.

Ayumi Horie. Akio Takamori. Doug Jeck. Matt Sosz.

What does it mean to be Blue Cone?

My name is Carolyn Hitt and I am Blue Cone.
Jkjk, blue cone means community, opportunity, a place of fun and wine. Its a place of create. A vision of what Art should mean.

How can folks see more of your work?

Through my instagram. @Alexandrewwong or randomly in the wild of Seattle.

Author: Trista Dedmon

Brand & Web Designer + Sage Counsel for Creative Entrepreneurs. Trista also acts as the chaos organizer and social liasion at Blue Cone Studios.