Carolyn Hitt

Founder | Artist | Creative Consultant


What is your primary medium?

I don’t know that any medium is primary right now, but for the past few years I’ve worked pretty evenly between wood, clay, and acrylic/ink/dye on studio drop cloth.  

What were your artistic highlights of 2017?

Proximity: A 3D sculpture show with motion activated LED’s that I built with microelectronic engineer and good friend, Boris Erickson.  It was also really exciting to have videographer and documentarian, Ryan Alexander Davis, on board to capture the process start to finish.  I really appreciate Diana Adams at Vermillion for giving me the opportunity and reason to build this show which has been simmering in my imagination for nearly 17 years and for allowing it to run for a solid two months at my favorite gallery. Stay tuned for Ryan’s mini-doc coming out sometime this year.

What are your creative goals for 2018?

That’s a two-fold question for me.
As far as Blue Cone goes, I have a couple of big community projects that I hope to get a number of local artists to come collab with us on but I’m going to keep them under wraps for now.  Personally, I’d like to expand to larger stretched canvases and continue to explore the abstract line work I’ve been obsessed with over the last few years.

Outside of Blue Cone, which local artist/group do you most want to collaborate with this year and how?  

Sometime around fall of last year I decided to paint one of my old black sweatshirts in the bold graphic style I’ve been developing for a while.  As soon as I started wearing it out, people would ask if it was Wolff. It happened a lot.  I was incredulous at first, as we are when our poor artist egos are faced with the concept that our brilliant original work is being mistaken as someone else’s.  I looked him up, though, and I could see where they were coming from.  Our style on clothing was similar but definitely different.  Similar enough that it makes me really want to work with him on some outfits and possibly a big canvas or two.  I reached out, so we’ll see what comes of it.

Name 3 local artists/bands/groups (include website/IG url) that you think more people should know about.

I know so many that this hardly seems fair.  And I wrote the question.  One of each from me, and that’s knowing that it’s impossible to choose from the incredible pool of talent and imagination that I’m surrounded by on the daily.

Artist – Yoona Lee
Band – The Black Tones
Group – Radio Concuss

What does it mean to be Blue Cone?

Showing up.  Figuring it out.  DIY. Working with what you know and what you have until you know more and have more.  Reaching out.  Welcoming artists for where they are in their process and supporting the creative journey.  Inspiring growth. Collaboration.  Connection. Community.

How can folks see more of your work?



Author: Trista Dedmon

Brand & Web Designer + Sage Counsel for Creative Entrepreneurs. Trista also acts as the chaos organizer and social liasion at Blue Cone Studios.