Kale Danger

Clay | Embroidery | Poetry


What is your primary medium?

For the last year I’ve been working predominantly in clay, but I also embroider, draw and write poetry.

What were your artistic highlights of 2017?

In 2017 I sold my first art piece, the vagina bowl, was a featured artist for Capitol Hill Art Walk at Blue Cone and participated in Turnt Up Tea. I’ve also worked on a hand full of art pieces with Meagan Hall, Kay Ziess and Mitch Barchi.

What are your creative goals for 2018?

I want to have an art show that displays my work in both clay and embroidery, feature some work at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and I want to work on more collaboration pieces with local artists.

Outside of Blue Cone, which local artist/group do you most want to collaborate with this year and how?

Still looking for people to collaborate with in mixed media projects.

Name 3 local artists/bands/groups (include website/IG url) that you think more people should know about.

  1. Heather Cornelius and Devon Urquhart, co-creatures of H.D. PoP Ceramics. They are based out of Tacoma. IG: h.d.ceramics253
  2. Mknz, stick-n-poke tattoo artist out of Valentine’s Tattoo in CapHill IG: Ruffenough
  3. A.O. Hamer: painter/musician out of Seattle. IG: mis_liberation and collaborative work with IG: Trill_effect

What does it mean to be Blue Cone?

For me Blue Cone means community. A hodgepodge of DIY artist from all different backgrounds, different artistic walks of life, that are eager to help each other grow. With egos pushed aside, we are all willing to learn from each other and teach each other things that make us stronger as artists.

How can folks see more of your work?

I feature some of my work on my personal IG: Kale.me.now_ and on the IG of Whet.d where only art, mainly ceramics, is shown.

Author: Blue Cone Crew