Megan Sarraf

Ceramicist | Artist


What is your primary medium?

Clay but I have been playing with incorporating mixed media into a few pieces.

What were your artistic highlights of 2017?

Completed my second internship as a studio tech, finished my first complete body of work, and found new inspiration during my first workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Maine.

What are your creative goals for 2018?

More play, more learning.

Name 3 local artists/bands/groups (include website/IG url) that you think more people should know about.

Josh Smith –
Lauren Jane Peterson –
Claire Putney –

What does it mean to be Blue Cone?

It means having space to create with a creative community. The electricity that comes from being supported by other Blue Cone artists(and folx we share space with) is amazing. I am always inspired by working around artists that don’t do what I do. It makes me curious and excited to push the boundaries of what I’m already doing.

How can folks see more of your work?

Author: Blue Cone Crew