Noah Lubin

Visuals | Beats | Badassery


What are your favorite mediums?

Photography, audio, acrylic, wax, wood, graphite

What’s your proudest moment as an artist?

I get a bit of smile when I realize I’m better than I was. These moments happen frequently during periods of constant work. 🙂

What are you involved in/excited about right now?

I’m working with Blue Cone Studios to film and produce Sunday Sessions, I have a musical project called ‘The Reset’ with Katherine VanBebber, I’m working on a series of drawings to be installed together which represent female power, and I’m in the process of beginning a graphite portrait project to benefit under funded citizens of Seattle. 🙂

Author: Trista Dedmon

Brand & Web Designer + Sage Counsel for Creative Entrepreneurs. Trista also acts as the chaos organizer and social liasion at Blue Cone Studios.