Vincent Michael Lopez

Contemporary Ballet | Choreography


What is your primary medium?

Contemporary Ballet/ Choreography

What were your artistic highlights of 2017?

The world Premier of “Noraefa” (my first Full length evening ballet produced by Blue Cone Studios) It is currently a two part series with series two titled “Efanora” under current production.

What are your creative goals for 2018?

My Creative goals are twice fold as I begin to make progress exploring another medium of art which will be Photography/Cinematography. Dance on film. With also the world premier of “Efanora” in the summer or spring of 2018.

Outside of Blue Cone, which local artist/group do you most want to collaborate with this year and how?

It would be a dream to set new work or one of my works on a regional dance company preferably on one of the dance companies I have danced for such as Spectrum Dance Theater and/or Whim W’Him

Name 3 local artists/bands/groups (include website/IG url) that you think more people should know about.

Marissa Quimby
Visal Sam
Lily Verlaine

What does it mean to be Blue Cone?

To Be Blue Cone is to be passionate, creative, inventive, supportive, unexpected, humble, community, powerful, inspiring, worldly.

How can folks see more of your work?

Youtube search: Vincent Michael Lopez


Instagram: @pincpocket

Author: Blue Cone Crew